The Donut Shop dumpster is cop-blocked! &%$*!

Hey, everybody — thanks for reading and sharing

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In addition to posting new comics here on Monday and Thursday, I’ve started posting some Street Angel adventures on Webtoons and Tapastic. These platforms are built for phones and if you like reading comics there, please subscribe, share, rate, comment on Street Angel:

Webtoons: Street Angel

Tapastic: Street Angel

I’m also posting a new Street Angel story, Super Hero for a Day on the Street Angel Patreon. I create 2 pages a week there and you can read those for $1 a month.

Patreon Skateboard


My goal in 2017 is to make better Street Angel comics, to make more Street Angel comics, and to share Street Angel with everyone! You can help by reading and sharing the Street Angel comics that you like. Feedback is always welcome.

Thanks again and keep reading!